There are certain safeguards in plumbing to make sure drinking water is never contaminated. However, if there is a loss of pressure in the pipes caused by a water main break or gushing fire hydrant, your plumbing system could be at risk for backflow unless a backflow prevention device has been installed. Our Rockford plumbers are able to help you protect potable water through backflow preventer installation.

Backflow is what happens when the flow of waste water is allowed to reverse and contaminate public drinking water supplies. Whenever there is a connection between drinking water and waste water, you run the risk of contamination unless you install a backflow prevention device.

Our plumbers are also able to do backflow prevention testing once the device is installed so you stay in compliance with the city and have peace of mind. You will need your backflow preventer certified to remain compliant.

Depending on your residential or commercial plumbing system, our plumbers may choose to install different types of backflow preventers. If you are interested in learning if your plumbing system is at risk for backflow, give us a call. You can count on us to properly install backflow devices.

The Rockford plumbing contractors at Bergsma Plumbing LLC are dedicated to installing and repairing plumbing systems that will last for years to come. If you are interested in learning more about how to prevent backflow, give a Rockford plumber call at (616) 813-5219.