Water Softeners | Serving West Michigan

Are you struggling with the effects of hard water in your home? Some signs of hard water include stubborn spots on drinking glasses and having to use more detergent to clean clothes. If you identify with any of these problems, don't hesitate to call the Grand Rapids plumbers at Bergsma Plumbing LLC. We have the plumbing knowledge and experience to make sure you're not inconvenienced by hard water.

It is important to understand that hard water is not dangerous to your health. If fact, mineral-rich water can have slight health advantages, such as increasing your daily intake of magnesium and calcium. However, your pipes and hot water heater need protection from hard water.

Did you know that hard water can shorten the lifespan of your hot water heater? When hard water is heated, the minerals can solidify into what we call "scale". Scale buildup can force your hot water heater to work harder to put out the same amount of heat for your home. This means that you have to pay higher energy bills for the same level of heat output. Installing a water softening system is the perfect solution for saving money on what could be a costly repair or replacement. At Bergsma Plumbing, we trust the Sterling Water Treatment brand for our clients' water softening needs.

If you are interested in our water softening services or any of our other plumbing services, please feel free to contact the owner, Joseph Bergsma or any of our licensed plumbers, at (616) 813-5219. At Bergsma Plumbing, we are proud to service Grand Rapids and its surrounding West Michigan areas.